Deanna Rodger to host PDP in Ironbridge


Img - Kim Len Hill

Image by Kim-Leng Hills

We are pleased to have Deanna Rodger, poets and outspoken word artist extraordinare, host the first PDP event for the Pop Up Festival on Saturday 19th April.

As young female poet, Deanna’s passion and direct approach to writing style and delivery leaves the listener enlivened by her energy and moved by her open-heartedness.

Deanna is also an actor. She has written spoken word since 2007 and went on to be the youngest ever poet to win the 2007/8 UK Poetry Slam Championships.

She completed vocational acting training in The National Youth Theatres  REP Company 2012 and has written and performed as a poet and actor in 2012 Olympic Team Welcome Ceremonies, Buckingham Palace, Speakers House, 10 Downing street and Honey Coated Dream.  a Lyric Hammersmith commission.

She is co founder of two popular spoken word events Chill Pill and Come Rhyme With Me (Spread the Word, New Writing South) and is in poetry collectives: Rubix, Point Blank Poets (Biennale UK Artist International award 2011) and Keats House Poetry Forum, as well as leading on Podium Poets (Spread The Word) and workshops in and around London.

Excellent to have her on board!


~ Zena


Naga MC – PDP Poet

Poet and MC Muazzin Aziz aka Naga MC- another PDP Poet with freestyle skills.
Is he a PDPteam’s trump card?  Welcome Naga!

NagaMCNPDLiveLondon Slam Championships in 2009, Naga has focused his art hand commitment to the

London Slambassadors team run by Joelle Taylor at the Poetry Society. He has performed at various events from City Hall to numerous festivals across London. Naga has also featured on Desi DNA, an Asian cultural program on BBC2 as well as radio stations.
Naga is currently working on his upcoming E.P, which is due to be released on iTunes this year! He has toured with the Asian Dub Foundation performing in countries across the globe.


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ROH Design team with PDP Posters with Community Groups

Pop Up have teamed up with the Royal Opera House design team to do outreach to the local community of each site visited to engage them pre-festival. This a great way for the local people to have hype about the festivals arrival and and to have a sense of ownership.

Here are of some young people busy on Poetic Debaters poster from the community of Thurrock   where the Pop Up Storytelling Festival will be  on the Saturday 3rd May.



PDP and the Arts Award


PDP has been invited to run the Bronze Arts Awards with pupils  at  Castle View school in Essex. Great News!

I am Gold Arts award trained and have found Arts Award training very useful in focusing project ideas  and by often attending conferences, I can to stay up to date with the progress of the arts award development.  It is now receiving attention in Europe and America, which broadens the scope of PDP’s possibilities.

The Arts Award is very much about the in-depth understanding of craft, the arts sector and the business of arts management. PDP is a very flexible project with a menu of workshop exercises from beginner to masterclass levels. It is able to do this because its frame work focuses on pedagogy enabling everyone involved to enter a theme, social issue and creativity from where they are at in that moment in time, regardless of age or political involvement and awareness.

The Poetic Debaters Project is perfect for Arts Award training as it offer the fusion between  literature, performance and education through creativity. The research element of the PDP program explores important events in world history and the heroes and heroines who have influenced it to date.

The creativity in PDP is about re-imagining how art can bring about positive change in the lives of those who participate and the audiences who hear their work and how to create platforms for more events like PDP with PDP ethos at its core – truth-seeking through culture and creativity.

There is also a skills and knowledge sharing between pupils/participants as they acknowledge each others strengthsArts-Award-Club and weakness as researcher/writer/performer/debater and encourages them to work together as team to build a strong representation of perspectives and points of view.

PDP is much about gathering, documenting and transforming information into creativity encouraging critical thinking, re-imagining and innovation. The Poet coaches are project developers and bloggers in their own right and understand the need for documenting processes of creativity and the value of reflection in the midst of strategic career and vocational progression. Even in the arts you want a promotion!

I was invited to be a guest writer about my experiences as an artist and how the Arts Award fits well with my practice as an arts educator.
Click for my article and the Arts Awards website.

I look forward to it.
– Zena

PDP in The Smelting Forge @ Pop Up Ironbridge

The first Poetic Debaters Throwdown Event will be happening in an amazing site. It’s very apt that the venue should be the birth place of the Industrial Revolution. It’s also poignant  that a group of Young Poets will be exercising their freedom of speech in a space filled with such metaphorical resonance.

The actual PDP event will be held in this building – The Forge, where raw mineral iron would have been smelted. The space has dramatic levels and gives so many performance possibilities.


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