Deanna Rodger to host PDP in Ironbridge


Img - Kim Len Hill

Image by Kim-Leng Hills

We are pleased to have Deanna Rodger, poets and outspoken word artist extraordinare, host the first PDP event for the Pop Up Festival on Saturday 19th April.

As young female poet, Deanna’s passion and direct approach to writing style and delivery leaves the listener enlivened by her energy and moved by her open-heartedness.

Deanna is also an actor. She has written spoken word since 2007 and went on to be the youngest ever poet to win the 2007/8 UK Poetry Slam Championships.

She completed vocational acting training in The National Youth Theatres  REP Company 2012 and has written and performed as a poet and actor in 2012 Olympic Team Welcome Ceremonies, Buckingham Palace, Speakers House, 10 Downing street and Honey Coated Dream.  a Lyric Hammersmith commission.

She is co founder of two popular spoken word events Chill Pill and Come Rhyme With Me (Spread the Word, New Writing South) and is in poetry collectives: Rubix, Point Blank Poets (Biennale UK Artist International award 2011) and Keats House Poetry Forum, as well as leading on Podium Poets (Spread The Word) and workshops in and around London.

Excellent to have her on board!


~ Zena


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