Orla Price – Brand New PDP Poet

-5I worked with Orla on Voices That Shake! Youth Arts and Activism project. Orla is a sensitive and emotive poet whose performances are passionate and reflective. I look forward to her contribution to PDP Pop Up.

Orla Price is a former member of the Dublin Writers forum whom she performed with and a member of the SHAKE network in London. She blogs at www.sillical.blogspot.com

Internal landscape

Out there in space the words they spin, my words
But when I speak, if I speak
If I muster that courage, it’s a mere leak
No cascading waterfall, more like a drip through a stonewall
I want to construct palaces to the miracle that is languages
Instead there are only shadows of monuments built inside.
And they say it’s easy, well they lied.
Each word a brick carefully laid,
Plaster carefully made
Conversation is a bridge I can’t cross,
Small talk a world
where I get lost.

Words must first struggle through fog
Fearless travelers wading through bog
Intrepid adventurers struggling through the elements
No welcome return but a reception of nonsense.

Inching closer and closer till they reach me
Even then like a blinkered carthorse
I can’t see properly
Hear the words, hear the sounds
But it’s a mere collection of consonants and vowels.
I want to scream and shout, I want someone to know about
Know about what? Know about what?
That I listen but sometimes it doesn’t make sense
This existence, this present tense.
I just don’t know

And yet I don’t give much credit to the known,
It is a path walked when it could have been flown
More for the could be, the should be.
I don’t care about the real
I care about the beautiful
What can be touched can be broken,
What can be thought can’t always be spoken.

written by Orla Price


~ Zena


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