The PDP team believe in the participants autonomy, so it is they who will select themes they feel most passionate about, themes they will desire to explore and unpack. PDP Poet coaches are activists and educators in their own right have have knowledge in research strategies for in-depth comprehension of the themes chosen.

Creative writing
Transformation on 3 levels is the main aim – 1) the transformation of data into creativity, 2) the transformation of the minds who reflect and transform the data in to creativy,  3) transformation of the listener who receeives the words from the author/performer. Through creative writing, they will construct strong arguments fore and against in the spirit of wanting to enlighten and educate as they themselves have been whilst being involved in one of the PDP programs.

Politicians go to speech specialist. They have classes in public speaking – how to speak with authority, how to sound more important than the opposing MP, to be able to convince a nation of people to vote for them.  Actors got to acting classes to master the enactment of a characters story, to perform the character to an award winning standard. Great orators use storytelling, metaphor and poetic speech to win the hearts and minds of their audience.
PDP offers well structured workshops, masterclasses, useful tips and regimes, enabling participants to engage in some of the best techniques for strengthening their voice and embolden their stage presence so they can win a debate with Spoken Word Poetry written by themselves.

Poetic debating (PD-ing) on a level

Level One
They will be introduced to the concepts of writing poetry to a theme for competition, providing a safe environment to develop poems/spoken word pieces, basic to intermediate performance skills in preparation for and competing with feeling intimidated by the competition element.

Level 2
Will be develop to poetry based on a strong theme to raise awareness and will engage in a Slam style competition in teams

“P.I.M.P My Poem© Workshop/Masterclass”

  • Purpose – why write this poem? Why is it important? Can it serve a purpose? How?
  • Intention – What is your intention for this peace in terms of its impact ton the listener?
  • Motivation – what drives you to read each line? Know your work and subject matter so well you become the poem. Makes a difference when all eyes are on you and the mic awaits.
  • Performance – other tricks and techniques in performance to make sure you ‘purpose’ for the poem is fulfilled.

Level 3
Participants will engage in  a variety of debating strategies to ‘win’ a throwdown – a debating heat.
Enjoyable boot-camp style performance sessions rich with games and exercises in voice projection. They will exploring the music and drama of the written word to bring it to life, building confidence and to encourage them to build a strong relationship with the audience to win them over.

Winning and losing. Its about taking part…
The ability to lose gracefully.  In debating – as in Slam orMC battling – someone will be the loser. Shame.
The PDP program is designed to minimize the good-bad, wrong-right, winner-loser dichotomy when there are actually ‘many truths’. The heart of the project focuses on exploration, creativity and debate, diplomacy, truth-seeking and persuasion.
It works on three levels.
1) the desire to learn more and to speak confidently about something which you are passionate
2) working with a team of people to move a cause forward through, creativity
3) the ability to hold your own with strategy, innovation, adeptness and confidence.

These core motivations invite and inspire the audience to engage with an event that is lively, educational and inspiring.
And, it is point 3 which is most valuable when it come to empowerment and  it is these qualities PDP aims for the ‘loser’ to walk away with… Resonance is the mission.

Take a look at our Truth Seeking and Diplomacy principles.


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