The content of as PDP program involves spoken word/poetry writing and learning  contemporary debating structures and skills, while the Poetic Debaters event is the live forum for performative creative engagement with topical issues.

• To promote inter-generational dialogue on topics of social relevance to create a “community grapevine” of knowledge exchange
• To reach diverse groups of young people aged 14-21  representing the demographic of the UK
• To provide a structured platform to engage with issues that are important to them
• To use creative writing and performance as vehicles to formulate and express a manifesto of solutions to social change
• To share the model and the physical outcomes of the program to be used as an educational and pedagogical tool

• Participants will be involved in structured workshops in debating and research strategies to build confidence and stamina for a PDP styled event
• For our younger or less experienced participants – workshops in public speaking, storytelling, creative and poetic writing and performance to strengthen their poetic participants voices and embolden their stage presence.
• To deliver an interactive event with a competitive edge
• To create an online resource as a  hub for topical debate and creative response

Platform of activity and content

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