In a time of much social and political upheaval and uncertainty, PDP believes that the general public should be described less as apathetic but  more as overwhelmed by mainstream media’s social representations, young people in particular. They are set to inherit a tangle of social, financial and climate based ills that they should have as many platforms and mediums as possible that speak though, providing them a space for self-sustaining agency ownership in their immediate future.  PDP is designed to be relevant to the energy and rhythms of youth culture and responsive to the atmosphere of youth engagement and youth voice. The relevance, resonance and value of The Poetic Debaters project is in its potential to create a new model for activist engagement, literacy and creative oratory skills with an immediate connection to everyday social and local polemics in a time when there is much talk of youth apathy to politics.

However, the Poetic Debaters Project is an inter-generational  project  with an adaptable model enabling all to attain and validate already acquire skills  in accessing and demystifying local and glocal social polemics. It offers a means to reflect and creatively respond to what is learned.  The benefits of the PDP program is that, not only do the participants gain confidence to perform their own written work, but they are also well versed in the chosen theme enabling them to raise awareness and encourage others to engage with and find a voice about local, national and global polemics.

the-trend-of-young-people-silhouette-vector-material_15-3131The PDP program works on three levels.
1) to provide a forum and a platform for those who have the desire to learn more and to speak confidently about something which they are passionate
2) working as a team to move a cause forward through creativity
3) exercise the ability to hold your own in a debate with strategy, intelligence, knowledge and confidence.


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